Natsume and mikan memorial book

Im assuming from the information provided, that the readers can pretend that ruka and mikan got together in the future along with her and natsumes child. She says that the readers can pretend, or think that the child is natsume and mikans, but its actually nobaras. Alice academygakuen alice memorial book ita alice academy il nostro anime preferito. Well of course natsume didnt waste any precious second after izumi said the order so he willingly sweeps mikan off her feet. Mikan, natsume, hotaru, and ruka search the premises when z members attack the academy. I hope my friend will return my gakuen alice memorial conclusion red book soonhope u all still enjoy this video. Because mikan has her memories returned to her, natsume takes advantage in claiming her as his own. Hotaru and mikan in bikinis in a chocolate and lolly forest with ruka and natsume drooling over them.

Natsume and mikan alice academy manga anime anime art comic games black n white images manga pictures manga comics anime couples. Its where your interests connect you with your people. Hotaru is shot by a female member and is hospitalized. Natsumes life span is said to have extended in the memorial book due to the interstion of mikans alice stone in his body. Mikan and natsume im in heavenwhen you kiss me duration. Mikan, natsume, and ruka decide to go to zs hideout to get a cure for hotaru, against tono and tsubasas wishes. Heres the website if you want to buy this book through online.

Mikan with small natsume and natsume with small mikan. Natsume and mikan manga pictures fairy tail anime fandoms cute romance design drawings. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Alice academy mikan and natsume just that girl duration. Hey, whats up guys, its your girl lallen here bringing you some news about the gakuen alice memory book. Its supposed to be innocent, but even the author noted that people were shocked by this.

The white butler they actually got married now my life is. The kiss in the woods and also in a different world. Natsume and mikan otaku manga anime anime art manga books castle in the sky sakura anime crossover comic drawing. It says something about monopolizing her but this can be interpreted as him making mikan officially his. Oddly enough so, apparently the author favors ruka or hotaru for mikan a lot. Whats wrong with natsume and mikans child playing with ruka. Since its not translated, and i cant read japanese kanji, i. Feel free to send me a message if youre interested. It still wasnt clear as to why ruka and mikan were. Apparently, because of his alice, his life expectancy is not long. In the first volume, natsume steals mikan s panties while shes wearing them. Ruka wishes them luck and happiness even though he still has feelings for mikan.

See more ideas about alice, natsume and mikan and anime. Simply put, he has dibs on mikan and no one else does. It says at the last line, dont think that youve won natsume. Alice academygakuen alice memorial book ita youtube. Mikan also shares a bed with her male teacher later. Manga art anime manga natsume and mikan alice academy alice anime card captor angel of death manga pictures images. They actually got married now my life is complete natsume hyuuga mikan sakura mikanatsu gakuen alice memorial book 1,744 notes.

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