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It has a strong moral, patriotic worldview, but even thats undercut by a brief reference to a vague, politically correct deity or god. Gi joe retaliation was a boring movie, although in the action scenes have felt a little move, plus i did not love the conformation of the cast, i felt like there are many supporting players, and without bruce willis and dwayne the rock johnson. Retaliation is a sad story, completely disappointing, predictable, and its antiethnic, and it promotes violence and war as virtues, and fails to justify itself in any way at all. When cobra spy zartan has most of the joes assassinated, the remaining joes band together to strike back. Now roadblock dwayne johnson duke channing tatum and the other g. Chus actionadventure about the joes trying to restore. Retaliation repeatedly reinforces that theme of sacrificial service and honor among brave and conscientious soldiers. Retaliation 20 agent mouse was released in 20 in the g. Retaliation on dvd july 30, 20 starring channing tatum, byunghun lee, dwayne johnson, elodie yung. Originally intended to be released in the summer of 2012, g. Joes is taken out by a surprise attack, the three survivors endeavor to figure out who they can trust and who was behind the attack. In the 90s i got into the comic books and realized that there was some actual good story there and it was much darker and could easily make for a good film. Retaliation is a 20 american military science fiction action film directed by jon m.

The gi joe force is reinstated for a confrontation when the cobra terrorists acquire a deadly new weapon. Joe figures includes heroic roadblock and snake eyes figures and villainous storm shadow and cobra commander figures, based on the characters in the g. But its gotta a lot of explosions happening, like most hollywood movies, but if thats not enough to get you going, you get to enjoy my mouth flapping. He is father of two girls and best friends with duke. I had expected to hate it or at least just enjoy it as a no brainer, but it wasnt so at. Director stephen sommers scored a major hit when he directed 1999s the mummy. Joe cycle will never appeal to critics, but at least g. Joes return to america to find out what happened and stop the bad guys. Retaliation is a liveaction cartoon, i wish we could have seen thought balloons above the heads of channing tatum, dwayne the rock johnson and bruce willis, among others, as they filmed this ridiculous and overblown debacle.

Roadblock was dukes second in command and was present during the attack that killed duke and many other joes. Retaliation is a loud, disjointed and disappointing action movie, with an incoherent screenplay and incompetent direction. It stars dwayne johnson, channing tatum, adrianne palicki. Granted, this is a near perfect film for bluray visually intensive action film aimed at a fanboy audience but this is still an impressive result. Retaliation with exclusive news, pictures, videos and more at. Joe team faces threats both from cobra and from within the u. In 2009, the first film was released under the title, g. Development for the first film began in 2003, but when the united states launched the invasion of iraq in march 2003, hasbro suggested adapting the transformers instead. After the death of duke, he swore vengeance against cobra. Joe is a military science fiction action film series, based on hasbros g. Retaliation killing off channing tatums duke was a bold choice, but heres why the studio probably regretted it. The rise of cobra, while also serving as a soft reboot of the franchise.

The film was originally scheduled to be released in the summer of 2012, but was moved to 20 in order to convert the film to 3d and. Cotrona, adrianne palicki, channing tatum, ray park, luke bracey, walton goggins, arnold vosloo, bruce willis and joseph mazzello. Jinx fighting blindfolded is also a reference to g. Joes into not only fighting their mortal enemy cobra. Flint wears a beret at the end of the film as a nod to his original action figure. Retaliation 20 starring dwayne johnson and jonathan pryce on dvd and bluray. Being a huge gi joe fan kid of the 80s id always waited for a live action movie.

One of the rare occasions where a sequel is better than the original, the g. Retaliation is the sequel to the muchmaligned but financially successful g. Joe team, duke channing tatum, secondincommand roadblock dwayne johnson, and the rest of the joes d. This movie continued some of the plotlines of the previous movie, but dropped many of the ancillary characters and instead focused on roadblock, portrayed by series newcomer dwayne the rock johnson, and his team. With dwayne johnson, jonathan pryce, byunghun lee, elodie yung, ray stevenson, d. Joe snake eyes movie release date, cast and details. This remake of the universal horror classic had spent years in development hell during the 1990s, where filmmakers from george a. Channing tatum has said he was forced to star in toythemed blockbuster gi joe. Gi joe 2 retaliation snake eyes vs storm shadow fight clip. Its two on two in the ultimate showdown between the allies of g. Retaliation 20 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Chu and written by rhett reese and paul wernick, based on. Retaliation was tremendous fun, enhanced by dwayne johnson as roadblock, a. Chu, the film finds the gi joe team on the run after being declared enemies of the state by the us government. Joes are not only fighting their mortal enemy cobra. Available exclusively from amazon, this awesome 4pack of g. Free wind turbine give away from missouri wind and solar gi joe retaliation.

Retaliation, a semirebootsequel to the 2009 film g. Chu and written by rhett reese and paul wernick, based on hasbro s g. Joes must once again face their mortal enemy cobra as well as dangerous new threats operating within the government. The greatest american heroes are back and theyve been set up to take the fall for a terrible crime they didnt commit. Dwayne johnson and channing tatum star in director jon m. With dwayne johnson, channing tatum, adrianne palicki, byunghun lee. Gi joe retaliation full feature commentary by basicc on. Retaliation is a loud, disjointed and disappointing action movie with an utterly incoherent screenplay and incompetent direction. Sweet new gi joe retaliation poster the stars in the movie are channing tatum, dwayne johnson and ray park. Retaliation is a 20 american science fiction action film directed by jon m. Retaliation on vuonna 20 ensiiltansa saanut tieteistoimintaelokuva ja. Gi joe retaliation 20 full movie video dailymotion.

Terrible 3d effects render it nearly unwatchable in many fight scenes. Jun 24, 2015 channing tatum has said he was forced to star in toythemed blockbuster gi joe. Rise of cobra, director jon chu pairs returning characters snake eyes ray park and duke channing tatum with a batch of new heroes lady jaye adrianne palicki, roadblock dwayne johnson, as well as the villainous, firefly ray stevenson in a gritty actionadventure film. Eventually, the surviving joes are exonerated, praised and saluted by their country.

The sequence where snake eyes and jinx abduct storm shadow has no spoken dialogue much like the famous silent issue of the comics. Retaliation was pulled back because, presumably, they wanted to convert it to 3d, but many suspected it was to add more time for. Chu and written by rhett reese and paul wernick, based on hasbros g. Joe an elite special missions force whose mission is to defend the world from terrorists. The rise of cobra, though it has many different characters and, frankly, is far more entertaining, in a guiltypleasure way. Retaliation, which introduced dwayne johnson as fanfavorite. Joe retaliation bluray 3d, bluray, and dvd arrive july 30th jun 4, 20.

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